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Zero Waste Event Program

Race event.
Most large public events held in San José with 1,000 or more daily attendees are required to offer recycling and composting at the event. Receive free assistance* (depending on funding availability) from the City of San José including containers, signage and service to help your event comply with local and State laws.

Free resources*
  • Containers for recycling, composting, and trash (Eco-stations)
  • Recycling services from the San José Conservation Corps
  • Dumpster service

*Please note: The Zero Waste Events Program is not providing on-site waste management services at this time. We are still providing free dumpster service to events that qualify. Please send your request to


City and State event requirements for recycling and composting
The City of San José defines a large event as one that serves 1,000 or more individuals per day. Per the San José Municipal Code, Section 9.10.1445, large events that occupy a public street, publicly-owned site or facility, or public park within the City for a civic, commercial, recreational, or social event are required to submit pre-event plans for waste reduction, reuse, recycling, and composting to the City of San José’s Environmental Services Department (ESD) prior to the event. Your event meets this requirement if it qualifies for and participates in the City’s program.

State law (CA Public Resources Code 42648) requires operators of large venues and events with greater than 2,000 attendees per day to provide a pre-event plan to the City with “documentation of waste reduction, reuse, recycling, and diversion programs, if any, implemented at the large venue or large event, and the type and weight of materials diverted and disposed at that large venue or large event.”

Contact the Zero Waste Event Program for questions or assistance.