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Pet Surrender
Surrendering Pets
The San Jose Animal Care Center accepts healthy and friendly owner surrender pets on a case by case basis dependent on our available shelter space. For other surrender options you may also contact

Surrendering Pets for Euthanasia
If your pet is either unhealthy or unfriendly, you may surrender your pet for euthanasia. Please go to our
 Euthanasia Services page for information about surrendering pets for euthanasia.

Common Pet Problems
Please know that despite our best efforts, we are not able to find new homes for all of the thousands of animals turned in to our shelter each year. This is why we ask you, our residents, to please consider every alternative available to you before giving up your pet. Listed below are the most common reasons people turn in their animals as well as possible solutions.
Reason Remedy
Allergies Many people mistakenly give up their pets when they are about to have a baby, believing that their pet will cause their child to have allergies. Research has found that having pets in the first year of life may reduce the risk of developing allergic reactions not only to pets but also to pollen, grasses, mold and dust mites. Adult allergy sufferers also have access to many new products such as air purifiers and medications that were not previously available. The inconvenience of using these products is arguably worth the many rewards of having a loyal pet friend. Here is a link to an article concerning pet allergies:
Behavior This includes chewing, barking, etc. While you may not currently possess the knowledge or skill needed to correct these types of behaviors once they have developed, there are training guidebooks as well as many dog trainers available to help you correct these problems. To find certified training classes, trainers, and behaviorists log onto the following site:
Housing Unfortunately, it is always more difficult to find a place to lease or rent when you have a pet. The good news is there are places available and with some leg work and persistence you can find them! You can start by checking the rental advertisements in your local paper or favorite internet search engine. Some websites even have listings of apartments that take pets such as:      
Soiling or Scratching (cats) Cats are very sensitive to subtle changes that often occur in a household. Everyone can agree that it is very frustrating to deal with a cat who suddenly stops using his or her litter box. Here are some useful resources about cat behavior: